Are the MIMSafe Car Crates actually ‘physically’ crash tested?

Yes they are; the crash tests are real – not theoretical. Uniquely, the same rigorous vehicle crash tests carried out at RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) are carried out with the MIMSafe cages fitted. The tests for VarioCage have been adapted to the cage size and load without sacrificing its energy absorbing characteristics if the accident were to occur.

A lot of car crates I have seen are either wire mesh or a solid design, why are the MIMSafe Car Crates made of sheet metal?

The sheet steel construction and collapsable design means that the MIMSafe cages can soak up the energy of massive impacts from all directions – MIMSafe call it Safety 360°. This design means that cage will deform instead of splintering or breaking up – which can injure your dog(s) as a consequence – and will not transmit the energy through the crate to the back seat (as is likley with rigid design crates) – which can result in injuries to other occupants in the vehicle.

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